Fitness Ebook Review: The Truth About Six-Pack Abs

Do you desire a book that contains information about attaining six-pack abs? Better yet, a book that will tell you how to achieve a six-pack without making bulls**t claims? Then the “Truth About Six-Pack Abs” is the ebook for you! The author, Mike Geary, is a well-known in the health and fitness community. He is a certified personal trainer and nutritionist. Mike has trained several celebrities and countless other people as well as appeared on several TV shows and newspaper. In other words, the author has the credentials to write this type of book. So does he practice what he preaches?

The Science of Building Muscle

From the looks of his picture, seems like he does! Nonetheless, looks can be deceiving. In some of these fitness magazines, steroid-induced bodybuilders give out the worst advice in regards on how to get in shape. Therefore, because someone looks the part of a fitness guru, personal training certification or not, doesn’t mean they give quality fitness & health advice. In the “The Truth About Abs” ebook, the author delivers quality advice. The following review will breakdown how that is the case.… Read the rest